Friday, December 20, 2019

Sasha Cay - "Archie"

The latest single from Sasha Cay follows the folk-adjacent pop song trend we've been following a lot lately. "Archie" has many of the same elements we love in folk, especially the story-telling aspect. There's a slight electronic feel to the song as well, although it dances a little bit too far on the edge of dream pop to strictly be a pop song. And then there's Cay's voice, which is the true focus of the song. She doesn't have a powerful voice, and she's a bit too close to speak-singing to have a traditionally beautiful voice, but there is just something about her vocals that are intensely compelling.

What truly sets Archie apart is the dark feeling accompanying the song. As Cay explains the song: "The song follows a young boy who has run away from home to join his outcast uncle, who lives and roams in an old van. Through a series of vignettes, I take you through the boy’s realization of Archie’s life as a thief, the consequences that follow and the looming fear that it is too late to turn back."

You can watch the video for "Archie" below. The song is available now via Sasha Cay's Bandcamp. For more on Sasha Cay, check her out on Facebook.

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