Friday, December 13, 2019

Jessica Lea Mayfield - "what all have ya bought me?"

2019 has seen Jessica Lea Mayfield returning and releasing two collections of rough demos on her Bandcamp page. To close out the year, she's releasing an original Christmas song. "what all have ya bought me?" is an ode to Christmas greed and using presents to mask a terrible relationship, with lines like "our love leaves a lot to desired / I need material things to fill the void." It's a much more finished song than we've heard from Mayfield in a while, and it's more country than she's been for even longer. Of course, this is Jessica Lea Mayfield, so it can't be straight country. "what all have ya bought me?" has a haunting quality in its guitar that leans more into dream pop, while still having a country twang.

You can listen to "what all have ya bought me?" below. The song is currently available on Jessica Lea Mayfield's Bandcamp. For more on Jessica Lea Mayfield, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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