Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Test Meat Covers Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr covers are pretty standard, but I think this may be the first time I've ever seen a band cover "Don't." From 1988's Bug, "Don't" is a nearly six minute epic that is the Fleetwood Mac song of their catalog. It's an incredibly noisy excuse for a six minute long J Mascis guitar solo while Lou Barlow screams "Why? / Why don't you like me?" over and over again. Obviously, it's a classic.

For Test Meat's version, the first thing you'll notice is the shorter 2:32 length. I get it. Barlow famously blew out his voice in the recording, which you can hear the exact moment of towards the end. The shorter length makes the song slightly less epic, but Test Meat did the impossible by somehow out-sludging Dino Jr. That's no easy feat. Somehow their version sounds more like a Mudhoney cover than a Dino Jr one, but we're on board either way.

You can listen to Test Meat's version of "Don't" below. The song is available now via their Bandcamp. For more on Test Meat, check them out on Facebook.

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