Friday, May 21, 2021

Double Star - "See It Through"

As we've mentioned before, Boston seems to be having a power pop resurgence as of late. (Not that power pop ever truly left Boston, for that matter...) Our latest discovery is Double Star. They've previously been referred to as "punky doo-wop" and "The Clash meets Indigo Girls." When you hear their latest single, those comparisons are spot on. "See It Through" is a jangly pop rock song with some toned down punk riffs and the best "woo hoo hoo"s we've heard in years. They also pull off being a punk-ish band with a horn section that isn't quite ska. It's the kind of song that also pulls off being too pop for punk and too punk for pop without being even remotely pop punk. Double Star are the perfect type of fun we all need right now, so expect to hear more from them here as much as possible!

You can listen to "See It Through" below. Say Something Now is due out August 14. For more on Double Star, check out the band on Facebook.

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