Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Jess Cornelius - "Body Memory (Peach Fuzz Version)"

Photo by Rachael Pony Cassells

We don't normally cover remixes or reworkings of songs here at If It's Too Loud..., but we loved Jess Cornelius' 2020 album Distance quite a bit, and she's reworked the song "Body Memory" to the point that it's a completely new song. The album version of "Body Memory" is a catchy dance adjacent track about the lasting effects of a miscarriage. "Body Memory (Peach Fuzz Version)" is a much darker version. It's stripped down to a more bare version, heavy in reverb with other instruments muted. It's not all dark. Eventually the song does come around with an ending that feels more uplifting, but still not the jam of the original. This is like the difference of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" versus Johnny Cash's, but by the same artist.

Jess Cornelius talks about the new version of "Body Memory":

I’d started playing the song for myself in a totally different way – on echoey guitar instead of keys, with a dreamy, melancholic mood, and wanted to record it as a sort of ‘part two’. It’s like a new cover of my own song, I guess. When I started recording the demo I ended up capturing all these distant sounds that got all distorted in the process: a nail gun, a baby, police sirens, which I kept in for the final recording. I added harpsichord, synth and drums, and Jarvis Taveniere added bass during the mixing. The rolling toms and shaker in the outro added this new little groove and moved the mood again. To me this almost feels like a new song; 'I was my own woman once' is now less defiant and more reflective, maybe even yearning.”

You can watch the video for "Body Memory (Peach Fuzz Version)" below. For more on Jess Cornelius, check out the artist on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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