Friday, May 7, 2021

Saint Sister - "Oh My God Oh Canada"

Photo by Ellius Grace

The previous two singles we've covered from Dublin's Saint Sister have been wildly different. "The Place That I Work" was a nearly a capella more traditional Irish folk song, while "Karaoke Song" was total pop. "Oh My God Oh Canada" lands somewhere in the middle. It's more of a folk pop song that leans a little more into pop territory. Although Gemma Doherty is credited as arranger and harpist, so it can't be fully pop. It's this blend of traditional sounds and modern pop that truly make Saint Sister stand out from other artists of the genre.

In a press release, Morgana MacIntyre explains the new song:

“‘Oh My God Oh Canada’ is about the intricacies within your most cherished and complicated relationships. It’s about not knowing where the line is, finding yourself on the wrong side of it and spending months trying to find your way back to the right place. It’s about saying too much and at the same time, nothing at all, giving too much of yourself in one moment but not showing up when you’re needed most. I wrote it about wanting to be a better friend, but knowing I never would be.”

You can watch the video for "Oh My God Oh Canada" below. Where I Should End is due out June 25. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Saint Sister, check out their website.

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