Friday, May 28, 2021

Brad Marino - "Local Show"

As live music is starting to return, Brad Marino's "Local Show" is the perfect song to get us prepared. It's a glorious power pop song that's an ode to local shows. It's an upbeat celebration of trying to get people to come to see local bands even if they have to pay, stay up too late, and stand in a mostly empty club. It's a fun song about the pitfalls of being in a local band but still loving every minute, because if you don't love it, why would you even bother?

You can listen to "Local Show" below. Looking for Trouble is due out June 4. It will be available on CD via Rum Bar Records and on vinyl on Spaghetty Town Records. You can get your copy through Bandcamp. For more on Brad Marino, check out the artist's Facebook.

1 comment:

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