Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sierra Ferrell Covers Charley Pride

Photo via Facebook

Ever since discovering Sierra Ferrell in late 2020, we've been craving more music from her. Unfortunately it seems to be forever since we've heard anything new, so we'll take anything we can find. Ferrell has started a virtual three night concert series called "Pick Your Poison." The first night was back on April 18 and was "Honky Tonk night at American Legion" themed. A few videos have been released from that performance, and one is a cover of Charley Pride's "Snakes Crawl at Night." It's about as perfect as you'd expect from Sierra Ferrell. It's a fun cover that lets Ferrell show off her classic country chops. You can tell how much fun she and her band are having, and that's what we truly want with a cover. Plus, the video is just the right level of over the top from the classic country costumes to the American flag made from Christmas lights as the backdrop. 

You can watch Sierra Ferrell covering "Snakes Crawl at Night" below. May 2 was "Calypso night," (WHOOPS!), but May 16 will be "Jazz Night at The Basement." You can get a ticket to that performance here. For more on Sierra Ferrell, check out the artist's website.

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