Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Melkbelly - "Prehistoric Worm"

Photo via Facebook

Chicago's Melkbelly are one of the many bands I was supposed to see last year, but obviously that didn't happen. They just put out a single and have a hometown show scheduled for September, so maybe it might happen by the end of this year? "Prehistoric Worm" was put out on their Bandcamp last week, and it may be one of my favorite songs of theirs. It starts off with an odd blast of noise before the drummer's sticks count the song in. And then there's more noise before the song gets into its groove. This is that kind of weirdo indie rock goes pop that Melkbelly have perfected. They have nailed the whole loud/quiet/loud thing, but with the fun and off kilter feel of The Breeders more than the Pixies.

You can listen to "Prehistoric Work" below. The song is available as a single on Melkbelly's Bandcamp. For more on Melkbelly, check out the band on Facebook.

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