Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Freebie: Magic Shoppe - (Not Our) Greatest Hits

Any time Magic Shoppe releases new music it's time to celebrate. The Boston band specializes in "Hypnotic Reverb Rock," and we've been fully on board for a while now. If you've been here for a while, you know that we also love covers and free music, so when a band like Magic Shoppe releases a free album of cover songs... how can we resist?

The seven songs that make up (Not Our) Greatest Hits make perfect sense for a band like Magic Shoppe. The album opens up with "PDA" from Interpol, and it's the kind of cover that makes me long for the days of Interpol's first album. It's a perfectly faithful cover of the original, but just with Magic Shoppe's harder edge to it. Mercury Rev's "Frittering" is a nine minute epic that even if you're lukewarm at the start will have you rabid for more by the end. My Bloody Valentine is exactly what I would want to hear Magic Shoppe covering, and their take on "When You Wake" is an absolute dream come true. And closing with The Velvet Underground's "Heroin?" Absolute perfection.

You can listen to Magic Shoppe's cover of My Bloody Valentine's "When You Wake" below. (Not Our) Greatest Hits is available now on Bandcamp for the "name your price" option. If you do choose to download it for free, be sure to give Magic Shoppe a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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