Thursday, May 26, 2022

Goon - "Angelnumber 1210"

Photo by Josh Beavers

Goon feel like one of those bands I should know a lot better. Their latest single, "Angelnumber 1210," has a bit of a shoegaze or dream pop feel to it, but a much more organic version without that giant wall of fuzz shoegaze tends to have. But there is also an element of a more straightforward alt-rock sound, as well as more of an art rock vibe. Somehow "Angelnumber 1210" pulls off this bizarre sound that is relatively accessible while still having a unique and completely indie, non-mainstream thing going for it. It's like an odd combination of My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, and Neutral Milk Hotel, and that's just scratching the surface.

Frontman Kenny Baker explains the new song:

“My wife has always had a fondness for the number 1210, we always notice it when it pops up, and she even has it tattooed. I love being open to patterns and numbers like that. I don’t really believe that numbers have inherent prophetic meanings, but I do think they’re interesting and powerful in a way that kinda suggests some order behind the chaos of everything.”

You can watch the video for "Angelnumber 1210" below. Hour of Green Evening is due out July 15 and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. For more on Goon, check out the band's website.

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