Thursday, May 5, 2022

Otoboke Beaver - "I Don't Want to Die Alone"

Photo by Mayumi Hirata

Normally I won't bring you a new song the day before the album comes out since I don't want to overload you too much, but most bands aren't Otoboke Beaver. "I Don't Want to Die Alone" might be the most accessible single we've heard so far from the Japanese punks... at least it starts out that way. It starts off as an edgy, upbeat alt-rock song. It's quite danceable and bouncy, even with the buzzy guitars and jerky vibe. It's filled with melody and fun, and then it slowly starts to circle around itself until it just crumples into a chaotic cluster in the best possible way. This is one album I can not wait to come out.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Accorinrin says of the new song:

This is probably my favourite track on the new album. We mixed in a lot of different styles. There are ‘Pop’ parts, or like ‘idol’ style parts, and ‘hard rock’ parts. It’s fun to play.”

You can watch the video for "I Don't Want to Die Alone" below. Super Champon is due out May 6 on Damnably. For more on Otoboke Beaver, check out the band's website.

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