Wednesday, May 25, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 20 May 2022

Artist: Subjective
Album: The Start of No Regret
Quick Thoughts: When it comes to British breakbeat/drum'n'bass stuff, few are as great at it as Goldie is. Since he hit the scene in the 1990s, he's put out consistently solid material, and this new collaborative album with James Davidson is rock solid. Different enough to stand out, but familiar enough nonetheless, it hits its mark perfectly. If you're an electronic music fan, you owe it to yourself to listen to this one.
Songs of Note: "Lost," "Breakout," "Reflection"

Artist: Tess Parks
Album: And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
Quick Thoughts: Tess Parks made her debut album in 2013, and we haven't heard much from her solo since then. She has collaborated with Brian Jonestown Massacre singer Anton Newcombe on a few albums, though, and this sophomore individual effort definitely has shades of the stoner drone style and influence. I really and truly loved this listen, and I'm looking forward to going back through her whole catalog, but this is worth your time in a busy week.
Songs of Note:

Artist: Annie Hamilton
Album: the future is here but it feels kinda like the past
Quick Thoughts: To say I've been excited for this record for some time is an understatement. Ever since "Kitchen" from her debut EP dropped, she's been one of my favorites, and this full length effort shows the world that she's far from out of song ideas. A little anthemic, a little crunchy, with hooks upon hooks upon hooks, this is one of my favorites so far.
Songs of Note: "Exist," "Again," "Labyrinth"

Artist: SOAK
Album: If I never know you like this again
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to highlight SOAK in a busy week, as the last album was great and this one is as well. Really stellar indie singer-songwriter stuff here, and absolutely needs to be in the rotation.
Songs of Note: "purgatory," "neptune"

Artist: Jordana
Album: Face the Wall
Quick Thoughts: I liked Jordana's last album quite a bit, and her new effort continues this trajectory of smart and sharp singer-songwriter goodness. She's got a little more polish on this set of songs than what you might expect, but the result is some truly honest music from a pretty unique voice. Give this a listen.
Songs of Note: "Get Up," "Catch My Drift," "Play Fair"

Of note:

* Craig Finn - A Legacy of Rentals (A solid solo effort from the Hold Steady frontman.)
* Charlie Hickey - Nervous at Night (Singer-songwriter stuff that is full of good surprises.)
* mxmtoon - rising (Excellent, understated pop.)
* Sylvia Rose Novak - A Miss / A Masterpiece (Her best effort yet, with a lot of really great songs.)
* Matmos - Regards/Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer (A solid concept album from the experimental act; "Cobra Wages Shuffle" is great.)
* Boldy James and Real Bad Man - Killing Nothing
* Mary Lattimore and Paul Sukeena - West Kensington
* Harry Styles - Harry's House
* Daniel Villarreal - Panama '77
* Horse Meat Disco - Back to Mine
* Thomas Dollbaum - Wellswood
* Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky
* Uffie - Sunshine Factory
* Delta Spirit - One is One
* Banditos - Right On
* Ben Talmi - Berkshires
* Mavis Staples and Levon Helm - Carry Me Home
* John Doe - Fables in a Foreign Land
* Body Type - Everything is Dangerous But Nothing's Surprising
* Seth Walker - I Hope I Know
* Rodhad and JakoJako - In Vere
* Lykke Li - EYEYE
* Grant-Lee Phillips - All That You Can Dream
* Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Dirt Does Dylan
* Bird Language - 625 Days
* Tourist - Inside Out


* Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? - Troglodyte
* Birdy - Earth: Taurus' Songs
* Paper Tigers - I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me This Sooner

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Undercover on the Streets: A Vagrant Records Tribute (Don't miss the "Chips Ahoy" and "At Your Funeral" covers.)
* The Muffs - Really Really Happybr> * Moby - Reprise - Remixes

Also out:

* Anvil - Impact is Imminent
* Merzbow - Animal Liberation - Until Every Cage is Empty

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