Thursday, May 19, 2022

Texas Highway Killers - "Loose"

I normally wouldn't post music I know this little about, but I've been really digging this song and feel the need to share it with you all. Earlier this month, blog favorite Little Hag posted about a new song from a band called Texas Highway Killers on her Instagram story. I loved it, but couldn't find anything about it. I messaged her, and all she knows is that it's a new band fronted by Brian McKenna, formerly of Corrina Corrina. I'd share more, but the Google results for "Texas Highway Killers" are more along the lines of a true crime fan's fantasy than music related.

What is most likely their debut single, "Loose," is this incredibly cool mix of early Strokes garage revival mixed with the phase of emo just before it went fully pop and your favorite laid back indie rockers like Galaxie 500. Needless to say, "Loose" is a great song and not being able to find out anything about the band is driving me fairly insane. So, if anyone out there has any leads on Texas Highway Killers (the band, not actual murders in Texas), let us know!

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