Tuesday, December 18, 2018

First Listen: New Releases for December 14

Some quick hits for you:

Of note:

* Grlwood - Daddy: An interesting, abrasive punkish record with a lot going for it.
* Mega Ran - The Visitor: How is Mega Ran so good? Solid rap music here yet again.
* Post Lovers - Post Lovers: Post Lovers is good, but they might have been my favorite band if we were in 2004.


* Emmy the Great - ε†δΎ†ηš„ζ„›
* Goldfinger - The Goldfinger Christmas EP
* Sarah P. - Maenads
* Charlotte Gainsbourg - Take 2
* The Decemberists - Traveling On
* Maria Kelly - notes to self

Also out:

* Mew - Mew with Copenhagen Philharmonic
* Outrageous Cherry - Meet You in the Shadows

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