Monday, December 3, 2018

The Prefab Messiahs - "Bring On the Robots"

According to their Bandcamp, Worcester, MA's The Prefab Messiahs's are "Micro-legendary DIY Garage-Pop-Psych provocateurs!," which might be one of my favorite brand descriptions ever. They've released a brand new single, "Bring On the Robots," that asks the increasingly important questions of whether or not humanity sucks and if we should welcome the robots taking over. While we can't answer that question, we can describe the song. "Bring On the Robots" fits right in The Prefab Messiahs's brand of psychedelic garage rock, this one leaning more heavily into the psychedelic side of things. It's slower, and kind of like a power ballad without the power ever really kicking in. It has the intensity of a couple of stoners sitting around and discussing the upcoming robot revolution, which may be the perfect song for this subject.

You can watch the video for "Bring On the Robots" below. It's currently available as a free download over at The Prefab Messiahs's Bandcamp. For more on The Prefab Messiahs, be sure to check them out on Facebook.

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