Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bite Me Bambi - "Hot Lava"

Ska punk is one of the most hated musical genres in existence. Most of us probably went through a slight phase the last time it exploded in the mid/late 90's, or we hated it passionately back then. This is a huge confession for a music snob such as myself: It has always been a guilty pleasure for me, even though I know I'm far too old for it. It's been over twenty years since ska's most recent surge of popularity, so we're probably due for another one. Enter Orange County's Bite Me Bambi. Their latest single, "Hot Lava," is exactly what we want (or don't) in ska punk. The song is ridiculously fun, and at the very least we could use some fun right now. Led by singer Tahlena Chikami (who is also an actress that has appeared in Parks and Recreation and Jane the Virgin), the seven piece band have crafted an absurdly catchy song. The band also features members of Save Ferris, MySuperhero, and Starpool, for a little past cred.

You can watch the video for "Hot Lava" below. For more on Bite Me Bambi, check them out on Facebook.

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