Monday, March 16, 2020

Brass Against - "Umbra"

For a while now we've been bringing you Brass Against's covers of 90's alt-rock and metal staples, and it's been pretty great. Last week saw the release of their first original song, "Umbra." According to an email that went out to fans, "It’s a song about a global pandemic hitting and having a megalomaniac reality tv show host in charge," so it's obviously a work of fiction and has no bearing on our current reality. The best part of "Umbra" is that it fits right into all of Brass Against's classic covers. It sounds like a long lost song from either Deftones or Tool, just with a female singer and a horn section. A lot of us have really missed music like this, and luckily we have Brass Against to deliver.

You can watch the video for "Umbra" below. For more on Brass Against, check out their website.

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