Monday, March 9, 2020

NOVA ONE - "lovable"

Photo by Kendra Rose
Ever since I saw them opening for Deer Tick, I've been growing more and more obsessed with Roz Raskin's project NOVA ONE. Their latest single, "lovable," perfectly showcases why. NOVA ONE takes 60's girl group R&B and lets it shine through a bizarro indie rock filter. "lovable" is a little more pop than that sounds, but perfectly mixes modern pop with lo-fi indie rock. The guitar is making this slightly off tune racket while Raskin's vocals nail the girl group genre. None of this should work together at all, but the magic of NOVA ONE is that it does. Perfectly. For someone who grew up listening to the oldies station with their parents and came of age during the early 90's, "lovable" is perfect.

You can listen to "lovable" below. NOVA ONE's debut full length, also called lovable, will be out April 24 on Community Records. You can pre-order it via Bandcamp. For more on NOVA ONE, check out the artists's website.

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