Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Squid - "Sludge"

Photo by Alex McCullough
The latest from Brighton's Squid takes a little while to get started. That's not to say the first minute-plus of "Sludge" isn't good. It's quite good, and has a unique but familiar decidedly British feel. It kinda has a bit of that 90's Britpop leanings towards hippie country vibes. Once the vocals come in, the song starts picking up into the territory of great. But then right around the two minute forty-five second mark? Pure bliss. The song both devolves and progresses into this herky jerky post punk disco jam session of both rage and joy. It's both gorgeous and too abrasive, which means it's basically a perfect song.

You can listen to "Sludge" below. The song is available now via Warp Records. For more on Squid, check them out Facebook and Twitter.

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