Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Chelsea Light Moving - "Sunday Stage"

Photo via Facebook
If there's one silver lining with the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be that Thurston Moore has had time to dig around his archives. His latest find is "Sunday Stage," a song that dates back to his time with Chelsea Light Moving. Chelsea Light Moving was my personal favorite of his post-Sonic Youth projects. That could be because it was the closest to Sonic Youth, but showcasing Thurston's metal side. "Sunday Stage" is a perfect example of that. It has the perfect vintage early 90's Sonic Youth feel to it while having a few metal riffs that let loose every so often. It's loud and heavy, which is really what we want from Chelsea Light Moving. Here's hoping he can unearth a few more unreleased songs for us all in the near future.

You can listen to "Sunday Stage" below. The song is currently available via Thurston Moore's Bandcamp page. For more on Thurston Moore, check out his website.

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