Monday, February 6, 2023

Oompa - "think too much"

Photo via Facebook

We're big fans of the Boston hip hop scene, and I feel like I'm always saying certain artists are about to blow up nationally, and I seem to say that about Oompa every time she releases new music. "think too much" might just do it. It falls into some of the more mainstream hip hop styles I normally don't enjoy. It leans more into R&B than I'm normally a fan of, and it's a little more electronic than I expected. But... there's just something about Oompa. She's the kind of artist that has so much natural talent and charisma that even if her music might not be your normal thing, she's still going to suck you in. 

In a YouTube post, Oompa says of her new single:

"I wrote this one amid the anxiety of a new relationship. You know when you come in with all that mistrust and questioning? At some point, though, if someone shows you what you want to see, you have to let them. If you can only see what you want to see, same thing. This is a true Aquarius relationship anthem (happy birthday to us). I’m in my Oom-POP era baby, and it’s a good time. Love on it. Share it. Let’s run this one UP. "

You can watch the video for "think too much" below. For more on Oompa, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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