Tuesday, February 21, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 17 February

Artist: Hansan
Album: Blod eller bläck
Quick Thoughts: We loved Hansan's debut record a few years back, and getting a new album from the duo of Sofia Talvik and David Floer is a very nice and welcome surprise. Blod eller bläck, translated as (I believe) "blood or ink," is as dark and mysterious as you might imagine. It's also as gorgeous as their debut and feels a little more stable and present, if that makes sense. I loved this, I'm glad it's in the world, I'm glad we got another album, make some time for it.
Songs of Note: "Ett steg fram och tva tillbaks," "Om vi inte"

Artist: Screaming Females
Album: Desire Pathways
Quick Thoughts: Can someone please tell me why Screaming Females aren't the biggest band in the universe? Screaming Females have been awesome for a while, but this album takes it to another level. Every song is a banger, and they're somehow leveling up with Desire Pathways in a way I didn't see coming. This album is outstanding and deserves to be in the conversation as to one of the best releases in the young year so far.
Songs of Note: "Brass Bell," "Desert Train," "Let You Go," "Ornament," "Titan"

Artist: Blues Lawyer
Album: All in Good Time
Quick Thoughts: Power pop lives! Or something close to it, I guess - this gave me the same feelings that the Apples in Stereo did all those many years ago, and this is the same kind of joyous lo-fi indie music that I love so much. The songs are wicked catchy, and there's a lot to love here, so put it in your rotation.
Songs of Note: "Chance Encounters," "Return Policy," "I Won't," "Nowhere to Go"

Artist: Cat Clyde
Album: Down Rounder
Quick Thoughts: Absolutely the roots listen of the week. I don't know Cat Clyde very well, but these songs have a great classic country feel. I didn't want this to get lost in the shuffle, so check this out.
Songs of Note: "Mystic Light," "I Feel It"

Artist: Glume
Album: Main Character
Quick Thoughts: Glume is an enigma for me. She is clearly working under a specific aesthetic that is impossible to ignore, and the weirdness she exudes in the face of a very particular and calculated presentation makes this a compelling artist no matter what. Main Character is certainly a conceptual piece in many regards, but straddles that line between the conceptual pop music foundational to the weird that sets her apart. This is a great listen, but might be divisive to some.
Songs of Note: "Do Me a Favor," "Wedding Cake Shop"

Artist: Lisel
Album: Patterns for Auto-Tuned Voices and Delay
Quick Thoughts: Also wanted to highlight this one, as it is maybe the most interesting electronic/ambient listen I've recently encountered. Real brain-tickling stuff here. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Plainsong"

Of note:

* Lowly - Keep Up the Good Work (Pretty solid electronic effort.)
* Krakow Loves Adana- Oceanflower
* Orbital - Optical Delusion
* New Pagans - Making Circles of Our Own
* Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You
* @ - Mind Palace Music
* Jennifer Touch - Midnight Proposals
* kolezanka - Alone With the Sound the Mind Makes
* Korine - Tear
* Free Range - Practice
* Steady Holiday - Newfound Oxygen
* Anna B Savage - in|FLUX
* Winkler - For You, Now
* Khotin - Release Spirit
* Conic Rose - Heller Tag
* Ron Sexsmith - The Vivian Line
* The Pomps - Bottom of the Pomps
* Chosta - Twilight Transmission


* Slow Fiction - Slow Fiction (This is really great.)
* Qveen Herby - The Muse
* Kylie V - The Runaway EP
* Rianne Downey - Come What May
* Girl Scout - Real Life Human Garbage
* Tiffany Day - The Gratitude Project
* The Dahmers - Ghouls in the Garage
* Princess - Princess

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* MAITA - Loneliness (Acoustic versions of many of her songs.)

Also out:

* Pile - All Fiction
* Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Land of Sleeper

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