Friday, February 10, 2023

Whitney Walker featuring Dana Colley - "Hey Buddy"

Photo by Sparxsea.

The main reason I gave the latest single from Whitney Walker a shot was that it features Dana Colley of Morphine on saxophone. Turns out even without that guest appearance "Hey Buddy" is a great song. The Portland, ME based singer has crafted a song that lives in the worlds of Americana, pop, and noir. As upbeat as the song may be at times, there's a sense of darkness lurking (more than lurking, really) beneath the whole thing. It creates this weird dichotomy where you can't quite tell if the song is positive or not. It's also the kind of song that's going to grow on you as it goes on. Even if you're not sold on "Hey Buddy" in the first minute or so, trust us on this one and give it a shot all the way through. You're going to thank us if you do.

Whitney Walker says of his upcoming album:

“My music is for the people who don’t fit in. People on the margins: drug addicts, homeless kids, closeted homosexuals, transgender folks. My dad came out to me first, which meant a lot to me, and my kid came out as non-bianry. This record is for people who look out the window and wish they weren’t in school.”

You can listen to "Hey Buddy" below. A Dog Staring Into a Mirror on the Floor is due out March 3. For more on Whitney Walker, check out the artist's website.

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