Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Lady Lamb - "Between Two Trees"

I know I've heard "Between Two Trees," the latest single from Lady Lamb, before. I'm not sure if I've heard it at live shows, or if it was on an album I bought years ago on Bandcamp, but I know this one. According to a Facebook post announcing the new song, Aly Spaltro comments that the song "... has been looking for its place for a very long time." I'm glad it found it's place. "Between Two Trees" melds pre-Ripely Pine Lady Lamb with her more recent music. It's a simple (but intense) folk song with accompanying strings that truly flesh it out. The song shows an artist looking back into her past and ahead into her future at the same time. There may be a slight darkness to "Between Two Trees," but it's a gorgeous song you won't be able to resist.

You can listen to "Between Two Trees" below. In that same Facebook post, Lady Lamb says there is more coming. For now, check out the artist's website for more information.

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