Monday, February 20, 2023

Anareta - "Unforgiving Sun"

Chamber metal might not be a genre you'd associate with If It's Too Loud..., when Anareta do it, it just works for us. The New Orleans based band recently released a new single, "Unforgiving Sun," that is undeniably theatrical. In my experience, strings being included in a metal song tend to be more of a novelty. With Anareta, it somehow adds to the heaviness of the song, and this song is plenty heavy without them. Of course, with "Unforgiving Sun," you can't imagine the song without them. It's just such an integral part of the song. Anareta have made a song perfect for all metalheads, and the pure creativity is going to suck in even those who aren't.

The band says of their new single:

"'Unforgiving Sun' is inspired by the interminable summers of New Orleans; the air thickens, tourism slows to a trickle, storefronts shutter. The sun-soaked blacktop radiates heat long past dusk's false promise of respite. As this song opens we lean into this sense of swimming through thick humidity and airless nights, every movement burdened by weather; but underneath this seasonal malaise there is tension building. The song swells to reveal a system under pressure, one that inevitably finds a release. Strangling vines, termite and mosquito swarms, tropical storms, crime rates; all these things escalate and explode outward with abandon in the face of this unrelenting force."

You can listen to "Unforgiving Sun" below. Fear Not is due out April 8, and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on Anareta, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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