Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Freebie: debt. - Sounds of Time & Place

Fitchburg, MA is the land of the most generic cover bands around, so it's always nice when we can find a great, original band coming from there. debt. released a new album for free (Sounds of Time & Place), and it's just dripping with what my late 90's college days sounded like. "Candle-Shaving Bastard" is an aggressively loud yet still melodic song. "Memories" is nearly confusing with how all the instruments work together. This song is right on the border of being a pure chaotic and dissonant mess, and I'm sure some will declare that it is, and they're not wrong. But somehow debt. make it work. This song is three and a half minutes long, which is the length of a standard pop song, but it feels at least four times that long (and I mean that as a positive). "June 5th // July 5" is a bizarro indie rock song that sounds like all eras of Sebadoh crammed into one song. Sounds of Time & Place is a collection of all of these lo-fi rock songs that are much more epic than they have any right to be.

You can listen to "Angel on the Mantel" below. Sounds of Time & Place, the new album from debt., is available now on Bandcamp for the "name your price" option. If you do choose free, make sure to at least give debt. a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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