Friday, March 13, 2020

Annie Taylor - "A Thousand Times"

Photo by Tatjana Rüegsegger
Switzerland's Annie Taylor (name of the band, not a member of the band) are set to release their debut album in May. "A Thousand Times" is a light, breezy song that sounds much more like California in the 60's than Switzerland today. It starts off sunny and stopping just short of beach music. And then these swirling, harder edged guitars come rushing in and then back out. The guitars keep washing in until they are here to stay for the remainder of the song, creating a glorious juxtaposition that is hypnotic and thrilling. 

Vocalist/guitarist Gini Jungi explains the song: "'A Thousand Times' is a seemingly breezy optimistic and melancholic song about resinous things in life. It’s about people who are feeling down and the song is to let them know, that they are not the only ones feeling like that. It’s about getting together, exchanging and accepting help from others. You know, like “Got nowhere to go, told you so, you held me in your arms, when I felt small.”"

You can listen to "A Thousand Times" below. Sweet Mortality, the debut album from Annie Taylor, will be out May 8 on Taxi Gauche. You can pre-order the album here. For more on Annie Taylor, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram

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