Wednesday, March 18, 2020

First Listen: New Releases for 13 March

You'd think that, in a pandemic with #socialdistancing and the like, I could get my [radio edit] together and post on time. Sorry.

Artist: CocoRosie
Album: Put the Shine On
Quick Description: The perpetually odd sister duo with a very accessible record.
Why You Should Listen: It's probably the most mainstream CocoRosie effort... ever?
Overall Thoughts: When "Restless" landed a few weeks back, I was kind of shocked because I could imagine this getting some love on at least independent radio. It's a far cry from their hip-hop tinged folk stuff early on, that's for sure. They're still strange and this is still a weird listen, but not that weird. It's worth some time if you've ever been interested in CocoRosie, but probably worth the time anyway.
Recommendation: Give this a listen.

Artist: Yumi Zouma
Album: Truth or Consequences
Quick Description: Latest from the alt-indie favorite.
Why You Should Listen: They're just as modern retro as ever.
Overall Thoughts: Yumi Zouma is a Polyvinyl act now, and it's just such a good spot for a band that has been cranking out some gorgeous, dreamy indie pop for some time. What I like about these guys are how nothing overpowers anything else, which is often a problem with bands that have such a distinct tone. It's not too heavy on the beats, not too drenched in the synths, not reliant on vocal craziness. It's just really great. "Cool for a Second" grabbed me in a way their early songs did, and I just really fell in love with this.
Recommendation: Definitely worth the time.

Artist: Magdelena Bay
Album: A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling
Quick Description: Great weird-pop-adjacent fun.
Why You Should Listen: It's an EP-length dose of some great tunes.
Overall Thoughts: Not to judge an album by its cover, but it's impossible not to smile at the cover because you know exactly what's coming. Then, when you listen? It delivers. I hope to hear more sooner rather than later, but this is just such a fun little find this week that it shouldn't be missed.
Recommendation: Give this a listen.

Artist: Koven
Album: Butterfly Effect
Quick Description: Genre-shifting electronic music.
Why You Should Listen: This is a really solid album with a lot of weird underground buzz for it.
Overall Thoughts: I'll be honest: I have no clue how this hit my radar. None at all. Koven is a pretty well regarded drum and bass act, apparently, but this definitely shifts things around a bit and becomes a really fascinating listen that scratches so many itches for me. It's a winner in my book, and probably the album I've been most excited to go back to.
Recommendation: Make some good time for this one.

Artist: ROOKIE
Quick Description: Long-awaited debut album from the indie rockers.
Why You Should Listen: I'm not sure how they've hit so many radars, but here we are.
Overall Thoughts: Like, I'm hearing about this everywhere. You too, right? Either way, this is the sort of indie/alt record you always liked digging out of the racks at Newbury back in the day, and would be the type of thing you'd hand off to your friends as the next big thing. Convinced?
Recommendation: Yeah, you want to hear this.

Artist: The Exbats
Album: Kicks, Hits and Fits
Quick Description: Latest from the indie rockers who care not for your Oxford Comma preferences.
Why You Should Listen: The Exbats are equal parts angsty, witty, and fun.
Overall Thoughts: We fell for these guys last year with their collection of indie songs, and when we heard "I Got the Hots for Charlie Watts," we realized we were ready for something special. This album delivers, to be clear, but it also feels a little different and has a slight maturity beyond their early stuff. It's all great!
Recommendation: A solid listen this week.

Artist: Deap Lips
Album: Deap Lips
Quick Description: The Flaming Lips and Deap Vally join forces.
Why You Should Listen: It's getting heavy, but I thought it was already as heavy as can be.
Overall Thoughts: They're a pretty good match, I'll be honest. In a way, I feel like Deap Vally has some reflection of the early, rougher-edged Flaming Lips, and Deap Vally could have always used a little extra oomph. This whole thing feels more like a cohesive unit than you'd think, and it's just a modern psychedelic joy ride.
Recommendation: Worth the time.

Artist: Strawberry Generation
Album: Afloat
Quick Description: If twee is still a thing, this is it.
Why You Should Listen: This is going to hit up all your nostalgia triggers.
Overall Thoughts: I remember at some point in the early 2000s when Belle & Sebastian were having their moment and the indie kids turned on the idea of "twee" as a thing. This album is one we missed in the early year and I'm sad I did because this was just a great slice of fun indie pop with some truly great and memorable songs. A good time to have for all.
Recommendation: Don't miss out on this.

Of note:

* The Boomtown Rats - Citizens of Boomtown (I was ready to roll my eyes, but this is an eminently enjoyable 40 minute romp.)
* Dave Simonett - Red Tail (Trampled by Turtles frontman.)
* Sam Doores - Sam Doores (Deslondes frontman.)
* Porches - Ricky Music (I found this to be interesting. Might not work for everyone, though.)
* Peter Bjorn and John - Endless Dream (They're somehow still making quality indie pop.)
* Hilary Woods - Birthmarks
* Briana Marela - Speak From Your Heart
* Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans
* Caitlyn Smith - Supernova
* Lauren Ruth Ward - Vol. II
* Honey Cutt - Coasting


* Lily Konigsberg - It's Just Like All the Clouds
* Charlotte Dos Santos - Harvest Time
* Anna Lynch - Apples in the Fall
* Muncie Girls - Besides the Point
* Joywave - Possession

Also out:

* Grouplove - Healer
* JFDR - New Dreams

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