Monday, March 16, 2020

Laura Stevenson - "Time Bandits"

With her latest single, Laura Stevenson dips even further into the world of folk. "Time Bandits" moves further away from the 90's influenced rock of her earlier albums and is almost a traditional modern folk song. It's absolutely gorgeous, despite the subject matter.

In a Facebook post, Stevenson writes: 

"I wrote this song right after I got married, right as Trump got elected. It was a crazy time and a lot of people felt really hopeless.
That hopelessness has lingered over the last 4 years, but humanity and love continue to peak through, that's just the human spirit and I've been so inspired by those that stay strong and keep fighting to enact some positive change.
This song is about how the world might seem like it's falling apart but we still have love and all we can do right now is take care of ourselves and each other.
Now during THIS crazy time, I find myself 38 weeks pregnant, waiting in self-isolation for my baby to be born, praying that I don't get sick and hoping I go into labor before the hospitals get overrun. I'm worried about my baby, I'm worried about my parents, I'm worried about everyone. I know there is so much uncertainty but maybe this song will provide a little comfort, or just remind you that there's still hope to be had. Sending everyone my love."

You can listen to "Time Bandits" below. And I encourage multiple listens, as this song gets more and more perfect with each listen. For more on Laura Stevenson, check out her website.

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