Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Virginia Trance - "Hello Lou Reed"

Scott Ryan Davis of Psychic Ills is about to release his second solo album, and since this week would have marked Lou Reed's birthday, he's released the first single from it. "Hello Lou Reed" is an obvious tribute to the late music legend. The song has some very obvious inspiration from The Velvet Underground in the way that it kind of freely meanders around, but I'm also hearing some Pavement goes country in here, too. (And not "Range Life," but if Pavement decided to make a serious country/folk album in their very own style.) It's a perfect tribute to Lou Reed in that it honors his style without mimicking it.

You can watch the video for "Hello Lou Reed" below. Vincent's Playlist, the new album from Virginia Trance, will be out May 8 on BYM Records. For more on Virginia Trance and to pre-order Vincent's Playlist, check out the artist's Bandcamp.

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