Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Freebie: The Endorphins - Dementia Paralytica

According to their Bandcamp bio, Boston's The Endorphins play "Punk/Psych/Grunge." They're definitely right. Their most recent album, Dementia Paralytica, is a ten song burst of this. "Nothing Now," the album's opening track, is a three and a half minute sprint that incorporates the speed and aggression of punk, the noise (and also aggression) of grunge, and the weirdo electronic freak out of psych. I tend to say this a lot, but this is a combination I never knew I needed until The Endorphins came along. "Existential Threat" sounds like Lightning Bolt desperately trying (and failing) to write an early 2000's radio hit. With "Gamma" you get a blisteringly quick punk rager.

You can listen to "Nothing Now" below. Dementia Paralytica is available now for the name your price option at The Endorphin's Bandcamp. As always, if you choose the free option, be sure to follow The Endorphins on Facebook and Instagram.

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