Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Gulps - "My Girl From Liverpool"

Photo by Xandru Zahra
I figured Super Tuesday would be a great time to bring you some political power pop from a London band. "My Girl From Liverpool" is a gorgeous old school power pop song, with perfect harmonies and just an epic scope. What truly sets this song apart from other modern power pop bands is how deceptively biting the guitars are. They spend a lot of time lying in the background whirling away in quiet noise rock guitar solos, and then when they're set free for actual solos they drive straight into your soul. 

As for the political nature of what sounds like a nice little love song, according to a press release "The song is an ode to the 60’s movement in both the UK and Paris, as well as to the civil unrest in France that took place in May 68. The lyrics talk about what we no longer have, the melancholy of old good times, the bittersweet taste that certain events in history leave behind and the social struggles that are inevitably always reflected in the arts."

You can watch the video for "My Girl From Liverpool" below. For more on The Gulps, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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