Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown - "Dark Rainbow Light"

Maybe I'm just a but of an Anglofile, but British rap does it for me while most American hip hop just bores me. The new single from London's Phoenix da Icefire's collaboration with Husky Brown hits exactly what I need. "Dark Rainbow Light" leans a little more towards mainstream hip hop than most British rap I've heard. Of course, it's more along the lines of what was considered mainstream in the mid 90's. It's far from a throwback track, but it's giving me some pretty serious laid back A Tribe Called Quest/Leaders of the New School vibes. 

You can listen to "Dark Rainbow Light" below. Panacea, the upcoming album from Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown, will be out May 5 on New Dawn Records. For more on Phoenix da Icefire, check out his website.

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  1. Thanks for that I really appreciate your break down, I know you'll love the full album