Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Freebie: Death and The Poetess - Lady Jane Grey's Wholesome Ritual

In case you didn't get enough Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys free music RPM Challenge goodness already this week, here's another free album from two members of the Army of Broken Toys! Death and The Poetess, aka Blake Grindt and Jojo Lazar, are back with a new offering: Lady Jane Grey's Wholesome Ritual. Death and The Poetess occupy the same world as the Army of Broken Toys, but have a completely unique sound. This album feels quite fancy and proper, and even includes a song that consists mainly of a flute solo ("Fluitar Fantasies"). This is most certainly not going to be for everyone who reads If It's Too Loud..., but sometimes it's ok to bring you a niche art project specifically for those interested in the humor of the Tudors.

You can listen to "Song To Drown To" below. Lady Jane Grey's Wholesome Ritual is available for the name your price option over at Death and The Poetess's Bandcamp. For more on Death and The Poetess, check out their Facebook.

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  1. So very grateful for your support as always. Deep gratitude for your words from a niche histodork! -jojo