Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thurston Moore - "Telegraph"

No matter how much we might love Sonic Youth and/or Thurston Moore, some of his music can be more... challenging of a listen. The man recently released a three disc nearly three hour album of experimental noise. Not exactly a fun listen. His latest release (a song shorter than four minutes!) dates back to his days with Chelsea Light Moving. As Thurston explains: 

"A song written in Seattle, Washington in 2014 on tour as Chelsea Light Moving. Originally performed on the great KEXP-FM as 'The Exstasie' with lyrics taken from a poem by John Donne (1572-1631) of the same name. Later re-mixed in London, UK with re-recorded vox + lyrics self-penned as a flashlight to the future of a planet in desperate need of love and rock n' soul activism. Chelsea Light Moving, though we made but one LP, was a sweet group and I'll always adore these cats, the memories of travel and dialogue and the times we spent making music and honest friendship. London had come a-calling and love was truly a-beckoning, and now we all stand as fighters for an Earth in need of natural respect and dignity."

Personally, this is what I truly want from Thurston Moore. It's loud, aggressive, and noisy, but it's still a song. Sure, I have no idea what his lyrics mean, but I never did. And that's not why we listen to Thurston Moore, anyway.

You can listen to "Telegraph" below. The song is currently available on Thurston Moore's Bandcamp. For more on Thurston Moore, check out his website.

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