Thursday, April 30, 2020

Big Thief - "Love In Mine"

One of the very few good things to come out of quarantine is that bands are starting to dig around their archives for unreleased music. Big Thief are the latest with "Love In Mine," an outtake from their 2019 album Two Hands. Big Thief diehards are sure to know the song, as it appeared as the b-side on a 7" the band mailed to fans when they announced Two Hands.

"Love In Mine" is beautiful. It's a quiet little folky song that borders on ethereal but is far too grounded. As with all Big Thief songs, the focus is Adrianne Lenker's vocals. She has a way to just draw you in and hold you with her voice, which has never sounded as warm and inviting as it does here.

You can listen to "Love In Mine" below. Big Thief is also offering up demos they recorded in February 2018 on their Bandcamp to raise funds for their road crew who are obviously currently out of work. Demos Vol. 1 - Topanga Canyon, CA - Feb 2018 is available here. For more on Big Thief, check out their website.

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