Wednesday, April 15, 2020

American Trappist - "Losing My Grip"

Photo by Kara Donnelly
Last month we brought you American Trappist's "Independence Day" since we loved the epic indie rock meets indie folk sound. They're back with "Losing My Grip," and for this one they dropped the folk side of things. When the band released this song, two of the bands they listed for "RIYL" were Sonic Youth and My Morning Jacket. Well... they nailed it. "Losing My Grip" has the aggression if not quite the noise of early Sonic Youth and maybe a bit of the psychedelia tinged with folk of My Morning Jacket. The closest I hear to actual folk is the way the instrumental ending seems to ramble on in the way a Bob Dylan song does. It's a surprisingly huge old school indie rock song that bridges the gap between two of indie rock's titans. It's something anyone who reads If It's Too Loud... needs to hear.

You can listen to "Losing My Grip" below. The Gate, the upcoming album from American Trappist, will be out May 15 on SMARTT. You can pre-order it on the band's Bandcamp. For more on American Trappist, check out their website.

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