Monday, April 27, 2020

Tanya Donelly Covers Bob Marley

We're now in week three of Tanya Donelly's Sunday Series of covers. This week, besides the usual contributors of Russell Chudnofsky and Joe McMahon, it's a true family affair with husband Dean Fisher on percussion and daughters Gracie and Hattie Fisher on vocals. The song of the week is Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds." A reggae cover may seem like an odd choice for a 90's alt-rock legend, but the song has a family history. According to Donelly: "My fab daughters Gracie and Hattie lend their beautiful voices this week. I've sung Three Little Birds to them their entire lives, since they first had ears to hear it, and it was one of the earliest songs they learned to sing along to when tiny. We've performed it together in front of people a few times, most recently at the Janovitz family holiday bash at The Burren." I was lucky enough to see them perform this live at The Burren show, and their rendition is reworked in the most spectacular way. It keeps the spirit of the original but changes it just enough to not be a carbon copy.

You can listen to Tanya Donelly and family's version of "Three Little Birds" below. This week all proceeds will be to help out the staff of The Burren and ONCE Somerville. You can get a copy at Donelly's Bandcamp. For more on Tanya Donelly, check out her Twitter and Facebook.

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