Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rosa Bordallo & Duane Lauginiger - "33"

Last fall Brooklyn's Rosa Bordallo (formerly known as Manett) released the fantastic Reef Walker. As was the case with many artists, she released a new single on 4/20. "33" is a collaboration with Duane Lauginiger, the producer of Reef Walker and a member of Birds, another one of our favorite Brooklyn musical artists. "33" is mesmerizing. Bordallo's vocals and Lauginiger's guitars take equal turns in the spotlight and are both required to tell the tale of the song. Her vocals draw you deeper and deeper into the song, while his guitar is what hypnotizes you. It's a mixture of folk singer/songwriter and psychedelia you don't see nearly enough. 

You can listen to "33" below. The song is available now via Rosa Bordallo's Bandcamp. For more on Rosa Bordallo, check out her Facebook.

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