Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tristen - "Salty Tears"

A lot of artists are going back through their unreleased material during this quarantine. The latest discovery is from Tristen, who recently posted "Salty Tears." This song was recorded for 2017's Sneaker Waves, although to me it sounds more like 2013's Caves. It's this incredibly upbeat and lovely little song, more pop than rock or country, but with serious vibes from both of those. If you've been into Tristen for any amount of time, there's a good chance that "Salty Tears" will become a quick favorite. 

On her Bandcamp, Tristen explains the history of the song: This song first came out in my collection of demos I put up on MySpace back in 2009. This was the golden era for me. I had just left a marriage proposal in Chicago to move to Nashville to become a songwriter. I packed my life up in a Honda Civic and moved to a one bedroom on Sunset Place in Hillsboro Village, before Nashville was hip, when it was just cool and huggable. We were working our waiter jobs in the day and hustling to each other's shows at night. Buddy and I were off and on again; he was living in a house with six other shiftless twenty somethings. We called them the cavalier rogues from the land of imaginary sufferings. I wrote this one hoping he would hear it and regret breaking up with me. It still feels cool to me and careless in that way, knowing that if someone doesn't love you then, they will never love you. I had no patience for unrequited love but also if love was a game, I could win it. We rerecorded this one for Sneaker Waves and listening to it now, I'm not sure why it didn't make the cut.

You can listen to "Salty Tears" below. It is available now via Tristen's Bandcamp. For more on Tristen, check out her website.

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