Monday, April 27, 2020

Destroy Boys - "Honey I'm Home"

Photo by Kai Mosley
We're probably too old to be into Destroy Boys, but if Billie Joe Armstrong (who we're younger than, thank you very much) can be a fan, so can we. You're going to read a lot about how punk Destroy Boys are. I'm not saying they're not punk, they're just a newer form of punk. Their latest single, "Honey I'm Home," is much smoother than what I as a middle aged dude would normally consider punk. It's not quite as smooth as pop punk, though. "Honey I'm Home" definitely has an edge to it, although it is a little flashy. If anything, it's punk in the way Mannequin Pussy and Priests are punk. Sure, it's probably not what guys in their forties and fifties consider punk, but shouldn't punk evolve? If Destroy Boys are showing us a current direction punk is going in, maybe we should let them lead us there.

You can watch the video for "Honey I'm Home" below. For more on Destroy Boys, check out their website.

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