Friday, April 24, 2020

Emily Keener - "Boats"

Photo by Dalton Brand
"Boats," the latest single from Cleveland's Emily Keener, is incredibly simple in its beauty. The song is your basic singer/songwriter folk song, and an unbelievably stunning one at that. Keener's voice is the focus of the song, and once she starts singing you'll know exactly why. It's a simple song about a simple subject. The song is about Keener's first time on a sailboat on Lake Erie on a summer night. According to Keener: "I wanted to write a song that was so simple, just about appreciating the loves in your life and the moments we get lucky enough to end up in every now and again." Despite how calming and chill the song can be, there is the slightest amount of noise that wanders in every so often, building to a dazzling crescendo at one point in the song.

You can listen to "Boats" below. I Do Not Have to Be Good, the upcoming album from Emily Keener, will be out May 22. For more on Emily Keener, check out her website.

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