Monday, April 20, 2020

The Exbats - "Kwarenkween"

Photo via Facebook
Burger Records has just issued a seven volume set entitled QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self Isolation. It's to help their roster make some funds while they're unable to tour due to COVID-19. The rule is the song needed to be written and recorded in the past three weeks. I'm sure we'll highlight a few of these in the next week or so, but today's is a new song from The Exbats. "Kwarenkween" is about frontwoman Inez Mclain celebrating her twenty-first birthday in isolation. Even if you could care less about drinking, your twenty-first is huge because you can finally get into any club or bar, and I imagine it's even more important if you're in a band. Intead, Inez spent hers making her own cake, having a fashion show with her dog, and eating beans and rice that she cooked herself. It's a somber song, but still keeps the sense of humor we've come to love from The Exbats.

You can listen to "Kwarenkween" below. The song is available on QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self Isolation #4. You can buy the full volume or just the song here. For more on The Exbats, check them out on Facebook. And buy The Exbats's recently released album Kicks, Hits, and Fits along with some merch at their Bandcamp, so Inez can at least celebrate her birthday when she gets out.

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