Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Freebie: wished bone & spencer radcliffe - a bug crawled in the piano

During a time when many artists are struggling to make ends meet, it's even more special when we are given free music from one. Athens, OH's wished bone has released a new EP, a bug crawled in the piano. She brought in Spencer Radcliffe for some additional instrumentation, but a bug crawled in the piano is six sparse songs that feel like an old school bedroom recording. It's the sparseness and lo-fi quality that truly give this collection of songs their personality. It also has that slightly off kilter folk sound that dominated bedroom recordings in the late 90's so wished bone has a certain nostalgia feel for us. "a million bucks" in particular" starts off with a weirdo sample (that gives the EP its title) from that period before turning into a more traditional song. Despite how sparse the instrumentation and production are, Ashley Rhodus's vocals give the project a surprisingly lush feel. Plus, it ends with a cover of The Gerbils's "Glue," so it even includes something for us cover obsessed fans.

You can listen to "help my brother" below. a bug crawled in the piano is available for the "name your price" option on wished bone's Bandcamp. If you do choose to download it for free, be sure to give wished bone a follow on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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