Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Talkin' to Johnny - Talkin' to Johnny - EP

Being as obsessed as I am with the music of Sallie Ford, I have no idea how this slipped by me for this long. Talkin' to Johnny is the latest musical project from Ford, featuring her on vocals and drums, Maria Kohler (aka Kitty Crimes) on guitar, and A Walker Spring playing bass. The trio released their debut EP earlier this month. Talkin' to Johnny - EP is six hard rockin' songs. While it still has the blues base of Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside and Sallie Ford, Talkin' to Johnny is straight up 70's style rock 'n' roll. This is a huge sound with much more showboating (in the best possible way) than I would expect. They're giving us killer guitar solos that sound like a lo-fi Led Zeppelin. Like I said, not what I was expecting to hear from a Sallie Ford project, but it's great to hear an artist stretch outside of their normal comfort zone like this.

You can watch the video for "Man Moon" below. Talkin' to Johnny - EP is available now via Sallie Ford's Bandcamp. For more on Sallie Ford, check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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