Friday, April 3, 2020

Stormstress - "Paint the Mask"

Photo by Fuel Heart Productions
Here at If It's Too Loud... we bring you music we truly love. Typically that falls into the indie rock, folk, punk, garage rock, etc world, with occasional trips into the world of hip hop and pop. One thing we don't cover that much is metal, but every so often something slips into our consciousness that we simply have to bring you. 

Right now that is Boston's Stormstress. Led by identical twin sisters Tanya Venom and Tia Mayhem and joined by Maddie May Scot on drums, Stormstress is a powerhouse trio that rocks huge metal riffs. Their latest single, "Paint the Mask," is a huge rock song that rarely gets made these days. It's incredibly theatrical, like Alice Cooper and Meatloaf levels of theatrics, which is really rare in music these days. "Paint the Mask" is great if you loved early The Darkness but wished they weren't so ridiculously silly.

You can watch the video for "Paint the Mask" below. For more on Stormstress, check them out on Facebook.

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