Tuesday, May 26, 2020

ILS - "Whitemeat"

If more metal was like ILS, we'd cover metal a lot of a lot more. The Portland, OR "disaster chic" band has a new single out. "Whitemeat" is this weirdo metal song. It exists in a world where metal isn't trying to posture as being tough guys. ILS don't seem to care about an image. "Whitemeat" is just an impossibly heavy song that doesn't stick to the metal-by-numbers template, which makes it even more metal than most. I'm going to compare it to Refused, but mostly because it makes me feel like the first time I heard "New Noise." And that inspires the thoughts "What the hell is this?" and "Why isn't there more of it?"

You can listen to "Whitemeat" below. Curse, the new album from ILS, will be out July 4. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp. For more on ILS, check them out on Facebook.

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