Tuesday, May 5, 2020

First Listen: New Releases for 1 May

It's been a brutal week and being a COVID shut-in got the better of me, so quick hits this week:

Make time for these:

* Brandi Ediss - Bees and Bees and Bees (Brandi is a friend, but her album is addictive and "Stupid Boyfriend" is a true treat. Genuinely great.)
* DELANILA - Overloaded (Solid weird indie stuff.)
* Hey, Chels - Everything Goes (A favorite this week, some grungy alt-poppish efforts.)
* Hala - Red Herring (A fun, multi-genre adventure.)
* V.V. Lightbody - Make a Shrine or Burn It (A solid expansion of her sound from her first album.)
* Johanna Warren - Chaotic Good (Interesting singer-songwriter work here.)
* Damn the Witch Siren - White Magic (Truly great modern-retro pop treats. I'm a big, big fan of this.)
* Diet Cig - Do You Wonder About Me? (A solid follow-up to their debut.)
* Car Seat Headrest - Making a Door Less Open (As compelling as always.)

Of note:

* Man Man - Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between
* Damien Jurado - What's New, Tomboy
* X - Alphabetland
* Ride - Clouds in the Mirror
* American Aquarium - Lamentations
* Austra - HiRUDiN
* Joan as Police Woman - Cover Two
* Caleb Landry Jones - The Mother Stone

Seven song albums:

* Rough Francis - Urgent Care


* Ben Lukas Boysen - Mirage
* Grace Davies - Amsterdam
* Sarah Longfield - Dusk
* Molly Payton - Mess
* Annie Hamilton - Annie Hamilton EP
* Cayley Thomas - How Else Can I Tell You?
* Coco and Clair Clair - Treat Like Gold

Also out:

* JoJo - good to know
* Eelke Kleijn - Days Like Nights

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