Monday, May 18, 2020

Threadbare - "Silver Dollar"

Photo by Emerson Hunton
Two genres we don't cover much on If It's Too Loud... are jazz and metal. But jazz metal? Sign us up. Threadbare is the musical project of Jason Stein, Emerson Hunton, and Ben Cruz. The Chicago trio are releasing their debut soon, and if jazz metal sounds like your kind of thing, it probably will be. "Silver Dollar" is an experimental mind fuck of drums, guitar, and bass clarinet. That's right: It's a metal song with a clarinet. "Silver Dollar" plods along in a sludge metal way, but with a clarinet helping to guide you through the darkness. As with a lot of experimental music we bring you, Threadbare are not going to be for everyone. But, if you're at least intrigued by the concept of sludgy jazz metal, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

You can listen to "Silver Dollar" below. Silver Dollar, the upcoming album from Threadbare, will be out May 29 on NoBusiness Records. For more information, check out NoBusiness Records's website.

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